Common Worries

Common worries in Estate Planning

I have loans and liabilities. If something happens to me, I do not want to burden my family.

I am worried what I leave behind is not sufficient for my family's living and for my children's education.

I worry that through my Will, my assets will be exposed to public.

I use my company name to buy properties, with loans under my name. I worry that it will impact my personal assets if I am not around.

I worked hard to build my business and my spouse is not involved in the business. How can my business still benefit my family in case I am not around, besides selling it off?

I hold shares in a few Sdn Bhd companies. What will happen to my shareholdings if I am not around? Will it fall into unwanted successor?

I worry that if I pass on, my children can’t manage my wealth and waste it, or my wealth will end up in my children-in-law’s hands.

My children are still young and my parents are old. If my wife and I are not around, who can financially take care of my children and aged parents?